TaiChi then down for breakfast.
Appears I am the only one staying here!

Healthy breakfast done. Off to find some super-glue, for my first-aid kit.
Bought a tupperware container too. First-aid bag must have been crushed, which crushed the super-glue, and a few other things. All of which coated the inside of the old bag. 
Took the chance to replenish my Tabasco sauce. Have been carrying hot sauce since my Grand Canyon visit. Where I found some extraordinary organic hot sauce. Comes in handy, as many places do not have a hot sauce.

Walked over the dunes and along the beach, to this handy spot.

Not a bad view for one’s coffee:)

Back home, I looked at options for tomorrow’s ride.
Up the coast further north. Nicer weather it seems to me, by the coast.
Or look at more Roman ruins.
Or into Porto, for some port tastings.
Or Braga for somewhere new.
All routes are some 3hrs riding.
Weather looks OK on all the routes.

Hard work this planning. So popped out for lunch……

Came home to make my planning decisions.
Coast has been done. And I think I need to speed up a bit.
Decided against both the ruins and Porto. Been there. Done that. 
Heading up to Braga instead.

A last stroll around Penishe. Beach looks nice even in the evening.

Update this blog.

Early night. ‎
Riding tomorrow.

G’nite All. ‎