Up early to the sound of heavy rain. Glad I decided to stay an extra night. Though rain is forecast till Monday.Β 

Finished updating yesterday’s blog.

Went in for breakfast.

Then caught up on my emails.

One thing that has me chuckling, is my new ring-tone. It’s morse code. Thank you “morseringtones.com/usersubmitted.html“, which created an mp3 of morse, from the text I typed. Awesome!
That will give people a change from the vuvuzela πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Found the site by accident yesterday. Been a long time since I worked in morse. Used valves and crystals. Now that is dating me! hahahaha
20200516-update: The site above has disappeared. But you can get a WAV file using https://morsecode.world/international/translator.html

Then out for a stroll.
First stop was the cathedral. The high choir was the most awesome and ornate that I have ever seen. And it had a clock. For the priest to time his service?

Found the tourist information office who gave me a good location for lunch……

More walkingβ€Ž then a second lunch……

Braga seems like a nice place. More churches than you can shake a stick at.

More walking and picked up some pastries, as it was tea-time. Had a tea waiting in my thermos at the hotel. Just needed something sweet.

Then a nap.
And caught up on a few things. Like booking a room for tomorrow in Santiago de Compostina.

G’night all.β€Ž