Santiago de Compostela

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Up early and no rain 🙂
Finished my “book at bedtime” radio serial, that I had missed by falling asleep last night.

Then up, TaiChi and pack.
Check the bike.
Load up.
Weather forecast has changed to sunny, at least around Braga.

Took the back roads to Ponte de Lima, oldest city in Portugal. And a nice run too. From the most historic, to the oldest.

Having skipped breakfast, I promised myself to stop at the first churraquasira in Ponte de Lima, that I saw.
Stopped in Churrascaria Salpicante, which had great motorcycle parking, and as it turned out great chicken n sausage‎ 🙂
Sunshine and great food. My life is complete 🙂

The rest of the ride to Santiago de Compostela, was pretty, if marred by rain. Heavy at times. But riders ride, no matter the weather 🙂

Found the hotel. Luckily there was a big sign because TomTom was telling me that it was on the other side of the road.

Booked in and unpacked.
In time to catch the Leicester game via the BBC.
Had to leave at half time to fill-up and TLC for the bike. Not that easy. Still takes me some time to recognize the little petrol stations. They look like a kiosk at the side of the road:)
Came home to find that Leicester had won. Still in the same position, 15th in the English Premier League. But now with a 5 point cushion, so there is hope that they will not be relegated.

Took a stroll to a restaurant listed by Michelin. Closed. So took a walkabout to the cathedral. Found a bar. Vino tinto, cafe solo, and an aqua con gaz that was really nice. Though the marketing guys might, or might not, have seen Austin Powers……

The cathedral is small and huge at the same time. And beautiful. Even while undergoing rennovations.

Walked along and found a place selling chocolate. Not had any for a while. 
They also sold real cheese, and vino tinto. I bought the one for 2.50euros……

……and it is good!
Picked up some real bread, water and then ham. Supper is organised! 

Gotta love Spain 🙂

And now for a cup of tea.
Then bed.

G’nite All.