Santiago de Compostela Day02

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Sunday morning awoke early. Gave me time to update the blog for Saturday.

Heavy rain so had breakfast at the hotel.

Then out for a stroll.
Checked out a laundrette- all there.
Checked out a restaurante – not there.

Next stop was the Alameda park. Impressive.
The rain by now was more of a “Scottish mist”. But still, it must be quite damp here based on the trees……

Not just moss, but also ferns growing on the trees!
And warm enough for palm trees.

A short walk took me to the cathedral museum. Impressive collection. Makes one realise how much effort went into a cathedral.
A great view of the square, from the long balcony.
The cloisters on the 3rd floor, which clearly show how steep the hill is, upon which all is built.
As does the museum entrance into the cathedral.

Took another look in the cathedral. Even more impressive than last night.

Then back to the hotel.
Had a couple of retaurants to check.

Had to walk by this shop……

which is where I bought the cheese, chocolate and wine, yesterday. Popped back in and purchased another bottle of Flavium, at 2.50euro’s.
Checking the wine reviews, Flavium gets a rating of 88 or 90, depending on year. So really good value. Not available in the LCBO. But retails in the US for $7-$12.

Back at the hotel. Or rather the complex. Big rectangular building with a central square. Retail on first two floors. The rest of the six floors are a mix of hotel, offices and condos.
I had spied a likely restaurant so had a salad and spaghetti bolognese. Both were a meal. But it had been a long time since breakfast. And lots of walking 🙂

Back in my room to catch up on emails and redo my route planning. The TV weather keeps showing snow on part of the route.
I am staying here till Tuesday, then going to the coast, A Coruna.

And so endeth Domingo 🙂