Santiago de Compostela Day03

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Up a bit late.
Did some research on the next leg. Still showing snow in the areas I need to ride through on TV. And some strong winds in a few spots. But online weather is all good. hmmmmm

Walked over to the laundrette.

Took the scenic route, through the recreational area. Huge chunk of green within the city boundary.
Nice cafe next to the laundrette.

Afterwards I took a stroll through the old town and to the market. But the market seems to keep Spanish hours, ie: opens late.

Walked back via a monastery.

Nowhere is far, in this city.

Unpacked the laundry and went shopping.

Wondering what to have for supper, I was pleased to find a place selling cooked food. Took the lamb shank, roast potato and green-bean salad. It was all good.

The rest will have to wait till tomorrow. Not sure why I am leaving Santiago. Really like the place. Lots to see, and within easy walking. Even if there are hills. And while it is setup for tourists, does not seem touristico. Nice.

G’nite All.