Last night I moved the bike closer to the hotel, which put it under cover. Wise move. This Tuesday morning, despite the forecast, it was raining. But the bike and I were all dry πŸ™‚ All through the prep and packing.

Rode off to Monte de Gozo. Fool’s errand, but while I am here…… it’s the hill where pilgrims get their first view of Santiago. With clouds and rain, not much chance. And I was right. But a nice hill πŸ™‚

Rode on to A Coruna. Scenic route. And as I approached, the rain stopped and the sky brightened.

Two klicks from the lighthouse, the bike slid out from under me. Not sure what happened. One moment I was running along the seafront. Next thing the front wheel lost grip. I remember thinking that as I tried to correct the bike, and went down anyway.Β 
Luckily I remembered to relax. The bike bounced much better that me. 10/10 for artistic content.
I lay in the road checking all limbs, then getting up quickly. Before a car ran me over.Β 
All the chaps in the area came over or stopped traffic πŸ™‚ β€ŽWe picked the bike up (after I switched it off and put out the kickstand). I wheeled it over to a side of the road, and put on the hazard lights.
Took another look at the bike. Looked OK, aside from RHS of the handlebar. Sat on and rode 10m to a pedestrian crossing and onto the wide sidewalk. Bike felt OK.
Took off my clothes. Now! Now! Just the jacket and waterproof pants! Checked them out. Both now have duck tape. But not as much as the right hand handlebar muff.Β 
Threw away my gloves. The right hand one had taken punishment. And saved my hand πŸ™‚ I carry a spare pair.
Ripped a hole in my jeans. But just the outer layer of the Carhartt. I knew there was a reason for investing in real jeans πŸ™‚
Dressed and rode to the lighthouse. Would have gone inside but (a) it was a long walk (b) I had blown my schedule with the fall.
For those unfamiliar with how shock works, once you loose focus on a task, or think you are home, it kicks in. I still had 100+km to ride, and a hotel already booked, in Lugo. Time to go.

Lugo came up easily enough, as did the hotel.

Booked in.
Filled up the bike. Put it into the garage, and gave it TLC.

Into the bar for some medicine…..

Then a stroll into the old town. Along the Roman wall. Dropped down for a naranjas. Then found a place for a bite to eat. And a glass of red πŸ™‚

Have a lump on my elbow. Now have my right wrist stiffening up. Good job I am not riding tomorrow. More medicine?

Enroute, found an excellent pastry place. Nice eclair but the free cookies stole the show…..

Back home for scrambled eggs, mushrooms and a glass of red.

G’nite All

ps: The fall reminded me of a colleague @ Badgers. Came in late one morning. Had dropped his bike. Same roundabout he took every day. No oil on the road. Nothing to explain why his bike fell. He sold his bike. The world is full of sensible people and idiots. hahahahahahaha

biker says:

pps: am still trying to figure out how the bike and I fell to the right, and yet the bike ended up well to the right of me. All I can remember is going down, then seeing the bike bounce and slide, to the right of me.

June says:

Sounds like You had a lucky escape! (Could have been so much worse? )
I hope you find somewhere good to rest up and take it easy for a while.

biker says:

Thank you.
Was booked in for two nights at Lugo, so lots of rest πŸ™‚
BMW unofficial motto, “All the gear, all the time” saved me.

June says:

Brilliant! Along with Be Prepared, it covers all eventualities.
Let’s hope. All good.

Lucy says:

Nightmare, glad you are okay πŸ™‚

biker says:

me too :):):)
plus it’s a story !!!!!!!!!

Stephen says:

Oh Lucifer – very dangerous

biker says:

that’s why “All the gear. All the time” !