Up really early so finished my blog to Jesse Luggage.
Drank my tea with some cookies.
It was all like hard work, so went back to sleep.

Awoke around noon. Ran a couple of TaiChi sets. Then had a good long shower. Felt much better. 

Entered the old town, via the gate I popped through yesterday, and stopped at the bakery. 1.60euro’s took care of lunch 🙂

Took a stroll to the museum. Impressive. And much bigger than it looks. Plus it is free!
My favourite part was the kitchen. Used by the monks. Awesome place. Running cold water. Cosy fireplace nook. Stove for heating up water. All mod cons 🙂

Walked back, checking out places listed by Michelin. One was missing, one looked trendy, and the third a tad smokey. Guess I am going to the trendy one.

Back home with sparkling water and strawberries. Just one question: if 500gms of strawberries are 1.67euros, why would anyone buy 1kg for 4.65euros?

A few calls.
A bit of a nap.

Then out for supper, at Paprica.
One copa of vino blanco.

Had the scallops……

from Canada! Tasty in an awesome jus. Not sure about the salad.

The hake was line caught and perfect…..

served atop of greens, beans and potato, surrounded by cream and olive oil.

Having eschuwed the bread, I had room for dessert……

the grey roe (actually crema du orujo) was the perfect pairing for the almond mousse.

An espresso, then a stroll.
Catch up on some Roman parts that I had missed.

Back home to feet-up, and watch highlights of Barcelona vs Paris SG. Wow! Just watching was tiring.

Write this blog.

Heading out tomorrow. Shame. Rather like Lugo, and there is more to see.

G’nite All.

Stephen says:

Here is a link the Barcelona V PSG game – amazing

Stephen says:


biker says:

saw the highlights.
wore me out just watching!
hopefully Leicester can produce the same level of committment on Tuesday 🙂