Valladolid – Day01 to 03

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358km from Lugo to Valladolid. Set off on a Thursday morning with sunshine and blue skies. 
Ran through the hills, with very little traffic. curved roads. Wonderful landscapes. Snow dusted mountains in the distance 🙂
Kept going till the fuel warning light came on. Pulled into a service area. Filled up. TLC for the bike. So far the bike appears to have come out OK from the tumble. No fluid leakage. No weird handling properties. Only the movement of the luggage, hand-protector and slight shaving of the bottom of one strut.
Having taken care of the bike, I took off a layer of clothing. Temperatures had varied from 15 to 19 degC as I rode along. Promise of 22degC in Valladolid. Wise move. Temperature quickly reached 22. 
The rest of the road was flat and boring. Plus the traffic increased. 

Found the downtown hotel easily enough. Had stayed here on my first visit. And ridden by with Los Pinguinos. 
Unpacked and parked the bike, giving it some more TLC. 

Arranged to meet with Amelia at our usual cafe. Had a quick nap. And walked over. Took a jacket but way too warm.
Amelia took me to a pub with real beer at least for the IPA
Wittgenstein Beer Experience
Calle Juan Mambrilla, 25,
47003 Valladolid, Spain

Then we had sushi.
Next thing I knew the staff were ushering us out. It was midnight. Amelia took a cab home and I walked.

Friday morning saw me up and in need of breakfast. Hotel provided a nice buffet. 
I then spent the next hour or more trying to sort out the Internet. Gave up and went to the desk. Young lad came over. Turned out to be a signal strength issue. Once signal was lost, could not reconnect. Had to take the device into the hallway, closer to the elevators, then the auto-connect kicked in.
I required a couple of glasses of vino tinto then a nap.
Talking with Amelia we agreed to meet at the beer place. Then a band. Then supper. haha. Band came on an hour later than advertised. Was OK as the restaurant latest sitting was 10pm, so I had not booked it. We went for tapas instead.

Up on Saturday morning wishing I had partaken of TaiChi yesterday. Stiff in all sorts of areas. Made sure to run a TaiChi set today.
Packed the bike.
Headed out to the tourist office for a map. Police officer made me move my bike 🙁 That is a first

Then to the new hotel.
wifi works AOK 🙂
And next door 5euros gets you this……

Wood-oven baked potato with ham and cheese. Awesome:)

Did a walkaround. Lots of kids and teenagers around. Many in costumes. Then I noticed the billboard. ComicCon event 🙂

Did some fruit/water shopping.

Back to the room to armour up. Rode back into the city. A few places to check out. 
Should have done the restaurant too. Turned out not to be quite where I thought it was. hahaha. But a kind person pointed it out to me.

Arrived on time and went for the set menu, with 5 courses.
Hummus (an extra) – ‎was very bland

Carpaccio -‎ drowned in oil and salt

Pulpo – tasty and right texture,
but potato puree watery, and some inedible grass thrown on top

Hake – tasty but drowned in a buttery sauce, and WAY too much

Steak – was wonderful, and properly cooked. Red and warm on the inside. Tender 🙂
Only thing I had to do was scrape the salt off the top.
Fries were really good too.

Desert – was scrumptious!
The cream was perfect. And the flavour from the base, outstanding!
Did you spot the crack in the glass? Neither did the staff. I sent it back. So maybe spitting in the desert helps? hahaha. No! No! I’m sure they didn’t!

One glass of nice white till the steak. Then an outstanding red.

Was a lot to eat. Glad I declined the bread.

And as I catch up on the blog I ask that you feel sorry for me. The 22++degC weather with blue skies and sunshine is due to end tomorrow. 11degC and rain. How will I cope!

G’nite All

Richard says:

Oh how I feel for you. We are basking in a glorious white dusting of concentrated H2O with searing -19 breeze and more to come today. I love spring. Seeing the tulips coming up then being protected by that dusting. They will only last that much longer.

biker says:

wait till you read today’s post 🙂