Sunday morning found me stiff.
Much TaiChi helped.

Did some planning and catching up.
Then popped over to the restaurant next door. Shock and horror, their kitchen closed! An hour before they did.‎ I had munchies, but I was looking forward to real food 🙁
Looked up another place. But now I have to wait till 6pm, at the earliest. Most places are shut till 8pm.

Went out for a recce. 
Always surprises me how much more you see when you walk.

Found the laundromat.
Found the restaurant. However, their kitchen not open for a couple of hours. Or more. It was a Sunday.

Walked over to the Columbus museum. But whilst interesting, did not take more than 30mins.

Walked over to my favourite pub, but closed for Sunday.

Theatre had on a play by Dante, so decided to walk home.

Still amazes me. Spain is dead in the afternoons. Does not wake up till 7:30pm. and trust me, Valladolid was coming alive, even on a Sunday evening. And people are out till midnight, or later.

Needed something to eat. 
Found a kebab house, run by Russians. Good kebab though. 

Whilst that was a stop gap, needed something else. And spaghetti was front of mind.
On the way back, I remembered the park that I had ridden and walked by. My search for a post office in Valladolid had put me here for a coffee. 
And low and behold, pasta right next to the coffee 🙂 Not brill, but good enough. And a glass of wine.

Walked home, and to bed.

Monday saw me up late-ish. TaiChi then onto the bike. 

Shopping time.
Could not find anything 🙂 
The chaps at the motorbike shop remembered me from the Pinguinos rally, but had neither of the items that I wanted.
The seamstress in the next shop was happy to show me her thimble collection, but not to sell one! Yup. Even a rough tough biker needs to do some sewing.

Back home, I parked the bike close to the hotel door for tomorrow’s departure. 
Took all the armour off, and was first in the restaurant.

Here is the lunch that I should have had yesterday :):):)

Looks tasty, and was even better than it looked. In case you are wondering, the skewers (one veggie, one beef+veg) are suspended over skillets containing the dipping sauce.
Took the bread for once. The veggies had a pesto sauce, the meat was ‘hint of peanut’? Mopped up all the pesto.

Back to the hotel, and time to do some sewing. Had cut a part of my jeans during the fall. And before they went into the wash, I need to sew the cut up. 
Turned out the thimble was not needed. Sank the needle between the threads. Was not quite “invisible mending”, however, better than the hole.

Then walked over to the laundromat. 
Put the clothes in, and went to checkout yesterday’s restaurant. Kitchen closed in the afternoon. Same as the one I had lunch at. Ah well. 

Walking home, I was having thoughts of Chinese, when lo and behold 🙂 So I went in. 
Nice chicken soup.
Nice chicken with mushrooms.
Excellent rice. 
No pics. Too hungry. Well it is 9pm.

See you in Segovia.