Up, breakfast and take the bike out of the garage. Pack and start running into France.

Scenery was boring at the start, then through the smog the mountains appeared.
Then the taller mountains with the snow showed up. As a backdrop. Wow.
Luckily there were roadworks along much of this route. Kept everyone’s speed down so I could enjoy the view.
Down into the valley for a while, then start climbing till I reached France……

Snowy. Wot! 
But for all the poor Canadians, note the sunshine and the blue skies 🙂
I was stopped by the first French sign, for lunch……

The ride down was just as entertaining, including a waterfall, well over 100ft. Guessing this is only in spring time, whilst the snow melts. Awesome.

Stopped to take off a layer of clothing. It’s 23degC here, but it is the south of France 🙂
Happened to be in front of a place selling cheese, sausage and baked goods. Tarts looked really good, but would not survive the trip. So I went with the cake, goat cheese and a sausage.

Arrived at the hotel, to all sorts of issues with their wifi. Including possible virus on laptop AND BlackBerry.

Am working my way through the issues AND the food picked up along the way.

May have to ride through France.
My plan was to catch a boat from northern Spain. Iffy wifi yesterday, and worse today.
Maybe that is a sign. I need more mileage and more champagne 🙂

See you all tomorrow.
G’nite All.