Up thinking how nice it was to see Leicester beat Sevilla. All with vino tinto, agua and anchovy tapas. 
True confessions:  I was the loudest supporter in the place. Actually I was the only one there for the footie! hahaha

Out to provide TLC for the bike.

Checkout was the easiest ever. Just leave the key cards in the room.

The road out was pretty. Winding roads, mostly on ridges, enabling views of the multiplicity of valleys. All served with a backdrop of snow capped mountains.
Gotta love Spain.

Petrol was running low, and my stomach had been grumbling for almost an hour. The landscape had been pretty, but no petrol stations and only tiny villages. 
Restaurant hove into view, and I happily went in. Even happier when I saw this……

on the tapas bar: shkvarki :):):) Served warm:) Basically pork belly, that had been deep fried. Then diced into bite-sized pieces.
Glass of fresh OJ and an espresso to finish off. Perfect.

Had been feeling a bit chilly the last 20km. So put on another layer. Wise move. There is quite the difference in windchill between 80km/hr and 120km/hr.
Those of you in Canada know this only too well.

Rest of the run was highway, all the way to Zaragoza.

Saw the Basilica as I came in, and had a deja vu moment. 

TomTom found the hotel, despite my receiving an email saying the gps devices have difficulty finding the hotel.

Parked the bike. Provided TLC. Had been a 350km run today.

Got a map from Rebecca at reception. And some recommendations for food.
Hotel is RIGHT downtown

Visited both cathedrals. Yes two in Zaragoza!
Then onto the tourist information office, part of the original tower of the city wall. 
Confirmed that the castle closes soon.
But could only partially answer my question, ref chapels. Seriously, dunno how they can get people into La Seo cathedral, there are that many chapels. Should ask Amelia, next time I am in Valladolid.

Found the recommended restaurants, via the market (quite good kobassa) and Plaza Espana (real chocolate).
Sat down in front of one. Well, have been walking for over two hours. When a couple staying at the same hotel said “Hello”. They too were checking out the location 🙂
Am still sat there. Good spot for drafting this blog. 
Should be open soon:)

Worth the wait. First tapas……

had an outstanding “hake wellington”. Serious food. Outstanding pastry. Hake cooked to perfection with a piece of Iberian ham. “Straight to the heart”. Have my perfect appetiser for my perfect meal. Just the main course to confirm. Oh. And a soup.
Second tapas plate was OK…..

But the canelloni…..

was outstanding! Fresh pasta. Nice sausage. Foie. Real mushroom sauce. Another course for the perfect meal?

Pau tomorrow. Think I am missing the bad food of Britain! haha
But don’t worry. If I want bad food, I have just seen my first Taco Bell. Yea Gods! Is nowhere safe?