Up late.
Checked the laptop, all clean. No virus’ 🙂
Went for breakfast.
Checked tire pressure on the bike. A little low, as to be expected. Cool, foggy morning. Only 12degC. What happened?

Packed and ran for Angleterre. 
With a quick stop at the Parachute museum.

Had programmed the TomTom last night. Reviewed a few options. But even I was surprised to be running down country lanes, when the road to Bordeaux is clearly signposted.
Eventually got onto a highway, which upped my average speed 🙂
Temperature climbed back to 22degC. But that did not last long.

Eventually ran into Parthenay. Never heard of the place. But it had fuel and a supermarket selling munchies. Bought some of each, and then looked for a bed for the night.

Had ridden half way to Caen according to time, but only a third according to distance. Not sure I want to ride any faster for the rest of the trip! Have no idea how TomTom decides whether the route is highway, backroads or something in between. But the differential speed, according to the French, is dubious. And they keep moving over for me 🙂

Wifi works AOK here. No nasties.
Caught up on emails, etc
Then supper…..

with a glass of red…..

which really matured as it breathed. Quite a nice red. But I think my Spanish Flavium for 2.5euros a bottle, has it beat!

“Time for bed” said Zebedee 🙂