Up before the alarm.

Find out that my phone’s travel plan has ended. Tried the online ordering system, it failed. Tried calling, and either the young lady is useless, or Bell have changed their travel plans again.
Ah well. Must try not to incurr too much in the way of roaming charges.

Booked a place in Rennes. 
This gives me an easy run into St.Malo, Cherbourg and Caen. Finding a boat is not that easy. St.Malo is overnight. Cherbourg has nothing. Caen is supposed to have 3 a day, but only morning and evening available. 
Don’t like entering passport details online. So will run into St.Malo tomorrow and see. If not, then the evening boat from Caen.

TLC for the bike.
Then pack and leave.

A grey day with bits of rain.
Found a car to follow. It knew where all the radar traps were. At least when it slowed down, I saw why. Not sure if we missed any others. TomTom showed no radar traps along the entire run into Nantes.

Pulled into the first square and had lunch at the only brasserie…..

Steak was nicer than yesterday’s 🙂 
Though I have to work on my French. If that is well done……hahahaha

Back on the bike, and into downtown Nantes proper. Deja Vu as I came upon the cathedral. It is huge!
Around the corner, and lots of police. some kind of demonstration.

Headed out to Rennes.

Weather improved 🙂

Came upon the hotel, with the fuel warning light on for the last 30km.
Fuel for the bike.
Checked the shops for a few items.
Back, and TLC for the bike.

Good news: Leicester won again 🙂 Ten more points to safety, with 33 points available.

Time for supper.

G’nite All.

Richard says:

What’s happening wit atletico Madrid?

biker says:

hoping Leicester beat them on Wednesday April 12th, @ 1945hrs UK-time 🙂

biker says:

And on Tuesday April 18th