Up early to a grey day.
TaiChi. My excuse for missing so much is that this is the first room with space. I know. Poor excuse.

Breakfast was nice. First ham I have seen (outside of prosciutto), that does not exude water.

Checked the tires. 
And packed. Packed for hopefully an overnight cruise.

Was going to ride around Rennes, but decided it sounded like too many towns I have already seen.
Straight to St.Malo

Easy ride.
Which again reminded me how much France and England look alike in the countryside, and houses. Only France is MUCH bigger.

Booked passage to Portsmouth.
Fair price. No pun intended. But I have seen the door price be higher than online, by a large amount.   

Then what to do?
Not even noon. And boarding starts at 1830hrs.
Visit the old town!

Did a ride around.
Pretty place. 
Tall ship in the harbour, plus other older boats.
Cobbled streets.
Ups and downs.
With the Bay of Biscay on the other side.

Was coming out of the old town, through a square filled with cafes, when I felt the need for coffee, stopped and sat down……

And the bonus parking spot 🙂 Can you see the bike, just to the right of the distant light, and flower bed?

It’s now two and a half hours later.

So I ordered this scallop rissotto……

And another expresso.

Perfect spot for people watching. Could sit here all day. But would probably fall asleep 🙂 Especially with the sun coming out.

Walked about.
Found the tomb of Jacques Cartier!
A famous Canadian!

All the walking had made me wish I had dessert. Instead chanced on a galette avec saucisson et fromage 🙂
How come North America puts up with nasty hot-dog and cheese? Why do I say “nasty”? The ketchup is always the best part!

Then onto the bike for a ride-around. Went over to the other side of the harbour. Nice view of the old town.

Psychic navigating got me to the first ever Harley Day in Saint Malo.
Bit of a chat. Not long. The event was drawing to a close.

Then as the grey clouds grew, rode onto the terminal early.

See you all in Merrie England!