Sunday evening saw two bikers on the ferry 🙂
Phil, an FJR rider, same as my “riding buddy”, but this chap is from Newbury. Good lad. Led me astray with Guinness 🙂 
While we chatted in the bar, the show started. Magician. So we moved closer. Outstanding. Then a singer, with a nice voice. Really nice surprise. Having a show to entertain during the crossing.

Back in my small but comfy room, I slept well, with the boat gently rocking me to sleep.

Monday morning, I was glad to have resisted the scotch 🙂
Especially as the bike on a smooth, shiny, damp metal surface is skittish at transitions.

Made my way to the V&A (a pub) to meet Barry for breakfast. Pity I only had euros, otherwise I would have paid 😉
Then onto errands: SIM card; cash; new trousers; and socks. This riding is not all glamour!

Met up with Barry for lunch, but he’d chosen a pub with no food!!! So a brief chat then we parted. 
Like a good husband, Barry was picking up Toni after work and taking her home 🙂 So I left, picking up some cheese for after supper.

Unpacked and TLC for the bike. Even took the panniers off.

Supper chez Barry was really good. Beef stew with steamed veg and mash. Pedro Ximenez with dessert and cheese.

Next day, Tuesday, the weather had improved. 

We went over to the big Marks&Sparks store in Southampton. 
I really did need a replacement for my M&S trousers bought 14yrs ago, and discarded last week. The Portsmouth branch did not have the quick-dry version, but they were there online. And in Southampton.

Lunch at the carvery. Nice.

Then over to his wife’s house to fix a computer. I dropped off my shopping and rode over. Getting lost only the once.

Then down to Southsea for Eilene & Mandy’s birthday supper. I had veg curry. And lots of chat.

11:30pm back onto the bike, and filling up with petrol, back to Barry’s.
He was watching the movie ‘The Cottage’. A fun horror movie. 

Wednesday, was laundry. Which allowed me to have a cup of tea at Eilene’s.

Then over to meet Barry and Chris at the Phoenix. Nice beer. 
Then back to finish off the second computer fix.

That evening Barry, Toni and I went for a curry. Yup. Two curries in a row:)

Thursday morning, and back into TaiChi mode. Prep’d for some manual labour. Hammering time. Barry provided a full breakfast……

Then to work.
Took the pannier frame off the bike and looked at options. The fall in A Coruna had pushed the right-hand pannier over the petrol cap. Meant every fill-up was a major arm-wrestling session. 
I had the price and timeline for a new frame. Big bucks. But you get what you pay for.
Had a possible company to un-bend the existing frame. But needed to be able to explain what needed to be done.
In looking at the frame, mainly hollow tube which requires careful handling. Had a thought and Barry has some wood. Some judious hammering, helped by a cup of tea with some lardy cake, and the petrol cap now opens with just a very minor arm-wreastle 🙂

Ran off to do some shopping 🙂

And back to Barry’s for spaghetti bolognese! 

G’nite All.