Friday was a bit of a lie in bed day. Right arm seems to ache from the fall. Bed rest helped 🙂

Then out for a pint at the Hampshire Bowman. Sunshine, the English countryside and a decent pint. Perfect.

Back home Barry put the finishing touches to supper. Mutton, ham and veg. Toni came over with fresh figs, grapes and more cheese. A long evening ensued. Excellent time.

Saturday morning saw me up and packing the bike. 

Dropped off a lawnmower attachment thingy-ma-jig at Toni’s. Surprising what heavy objects you can carry on a bike.

Then off to Weston-super-Mare.

Brunch in Salisbury……

Then the Kenilworth Guest house, where I had stayed in November. Needless to say the weather was better, as was the sunset…….

Popped into the Criterion for a pint. Remembered it’s location, even after four months 🙂

Then off for a Chinese restaurant. Bit of a walk. About 4km. But real ales along the way 🙂
Arrived to find no room till 9pm++, so walked home. a couple of real ales and some ham&cheese.
Disappointing evening?
Not at all. 
Met a medieval martial artist, young lads who gave me a Jaeger bomb, and a scuba diver who lived in Mississauga and Hawaii!

Sunday morning up to a full breakfast.
Pottered around.
Caught some of the England v Lithuania game. Defoe and Vardy scoring.

Then out for a stroll.
Same Chinese restaurant had room……

Peking duck for the main course. No photo. Was trying to get out ASAP as table had come in with a really annoying child. 

Stroll home included a pint and a chat with a Romanian real-estate guy.

Monday morning
was up to a cowboy’s breakfast, then prep and pack.

See you all at Barry’s.

Richard says:

Ooooh, those finch and chimps made me sooo hungry. Must go out and get some now at a place in the market.

biker says: