Return to Bishops Waltham

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Checked the bike. Tires needed a bit of air. To be expected when the temperature had dropped to 6degC. 
But once out of town, the cold air had created a foggy situation. So rode behind trucks and large vans. Using them as “blockers”. 

Stopped off at Thatchers cider works. Picked up some bits and pieces, including 2.5 litres of scrumpy 🙂

Rode on past Stonehenge. Seemed to be a lot of people‎. Especially as the spring equinox was 6 days ago. 

Another hour along the road, I pulled over for a coffee and fresh fruit salad.

Then rode the rest of the way to a Motorrad dealer. Checked when I could have an oil-change, two weeks!
Popped into the pub next door for a bowl of soup.

Rode the last 30km to ‎Barry, who had an onion bhaji plate waiting for me 🙂

I unpacked and gave the bike some TLC. Glad that the weather was back to sunshine and blue skies.

Then Barry and I settled with the scrumpy to wait for Toni, who works Mondays.
Being a good husband, Barry had supper ready for when Toni arrived. ‎And a cheese plate to follow the roast beef. 

It’s nice to be home. 

G’night All.

Richard says:

You are sooo spoiled.
Tell Barry to come here and cook something for me and don’t forget the scrumpy.

biker says:

Sorry Richard. Barry cannot remember who you are 😉

My suggestion is that you come over here 🙂