Computers, Printers and Prep for London

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Tuesday morning and we pop over to Toni’s and sort out the printer. Got that working on both laptops, then we went into Fareham.

I am still looking for backup gloves and a new tool-kit holder. Nothing found. Except for Barry at the pub:)

Back home with tiramisu to go with the tea:)

Some chores.

Followed by general whinging whilst watching TV :)‎

Wednesday is laundry day. And an excellent quiche for breakfast‎…….

Then meet up with Chris and Barry. For a chat and drop Chris off at home.‎

Some more follow-ups on taxi’s for tomorrow. Turning out to be harder and more expensive to get from Barry’s to the coach stop, then from Fareham to London!

Chinese for supper.

And before I get ready for tomorrow, must mention that the British Prime Minister signed the Brexit letter, yesterday and it was delivered today. March 2019 is when Britain leaves the European Union. ‎

Wonder what changes I will see in London tomorrow?‎

G’nite All. 

Stephen says:

Lucifer – the temperature has plunged downtown and it is snowing – 30th March.

biker says:

Yippee! Means I chose well.

Read today’s post 😉
I forgot to mention that I was in a long-sleeved T all day. Carrying an umbrella, which warded off the rain and brought out the sun 🙂