Up to a nice sunny Thursday morning.
Barry drove us over to Toni’s, where he parked the car and we caught the bus to Fareham.

We had lots of time in Fareham before the coach to London came. So I went off to the bakery and picked up a Cornish pasty and sausage roll for our breakfast. Added a cafe latte for desert.

Coach is the best way to London. We could walk from Victoria coach station to Marble Arch, where the hotel is. But caught the cab. Pity the cabbie thought we were going to the Union Jack club! But he was really good on the correction 🙂

Booked in.
Set up. 
Sorted a few things out. 

Then my “shoulder bag” broke. Out looking for a Post Office, so popped into Selfridges. Not able to find a replacement “man purse”. 

Back to the hotel and a cab to Blacklock, which the cabbie had not heard of. Now that was a surprise. 
Gave directions and we arrived on-time. 
Young Brazilian took us to a table where a young Pole took care of us. Our ladies arrived and we started a most excellent evening……

Properly cooked rib-eye! Though a little tough. Am beginning to miss McLean, Texas. Especially the ability to understand a simple question. Wish the Pole had been serving instead of the lad who thought Languedoc was in Argentina!
Excellent greens! Have been missing cabbage. 

Next a short walk to…..

where the drinks are expensive, but the atmosphere brilliant!

Eventually we had to bid farewell to Rachel and Lynn. Then back to the hotel for a nightcap. 

Friday morning up for the lovely breakfast. Then on to the Churchill War Rooms. A slice of history. Really interesting. 

Next to Harrods. But no suitable man-purse. Who could think shopping was such hard work!

Met Barry for a pint then back to the hotel.

Did some research then out to post a letter. Nice thing about being a tourist, even a bus ride is an adventure 🙂

Back for a nap. 
Only to be awoken by Barry reminding me that it is supper time. 
Nice supper. 
Barry sent an email from his phone! Major breakthrough 🙂
Then catch up on this blog. 

Observation on London? 
Too many Chelsea supporters! hahaha

G’nite All.

Richard says:

You’re in my old stomping grounds. I lived right behind Selfridges and went to work on my Peugot mo-ped down Park Lane and beside Harvey Nick’s in a mews called Studio Place. Ah, memories,

biker says:

all still there 🙂

June says:

Aha! So, now I know why Lynn was too “hungover” – “fragile?” to receive a phone call the other day! All is clear. Glad you’re having a fun time.

biker says:

To quote Barry “No sympathy for volunteers” 😉