New rumblings have surfaced about child safety in cars.

Children are more of a distraction than cell-phones!

Plus, new dangers shown, with mothers standing in the road whilst putting children into their cars.

The upshot is that legislation is underway to ensure children will be laid down in the back of cars. Not on the back seat. But in the trunk (or boot). So immediately it is safer for the mothers who put their child into the car.
There are technical discussions underway as to whether the children will be wrapped in special bubble-wrap, or placed into special boxes.

Seems the health&safety brigade have gone mad over here.
And 80% of mothers agree that this will improve safety!
A lot of voters. So a lot of support for this legislation.

Not sure if this will move to North America. The land of the pickup truck.
No trunk/boot. So nowhere to keep kids safe.

But look on the bright side.
Next time you travel here with kids, no need to worry about car seats! Just bring bubble-wrap!

June says:

I think that you are a day late for April fools?

June says:

Nice try though!

biker says:

Watch the news in the next 10yrs 😉