London Weekend and Exit

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Saturday and up for another outstanding breakfast.

Then off to prep for tax-time, which I am a bit behind on.

Barry and I then popped onto a double-decker and rode towards our curry-house in Brick Lane.
Lots of time, which was lucky. Buses stopped at Piccadilly, and we had to get off! All the subsequent buses threw out their passengers! So we strolled on for a bit till we saw buses again.

The next bus took us to The Olde Cheddar House, one of the 16th century pubs in Town. A pint of Sam Smiths led to a chat with a Gosport resident! Gosport is next door to Portsmouth. And Steve was in the Navy. So we all had a good laugh.

Another bus took us to Liverpool Street train station. And a short stroll to Aladin for a curry. Walking past curry house after curry house.
Nice curry…..

Not great but good.
Plus you can bring your own wine – we did.
And we were asked “Do you come here often” by these 3 ladies……

hahahahaha. “Classic” opening line. 
Usually the other way round. Gentlemen asking ladies.
These ladies were (left to right) from Finland, Sweden and Belgium. In town for a dance competition.

Another short stroll to the Boundary hotel. I convinced the young receptionists that we deserved access to the rooftop patio, where we enjoyed this sunset……

and a drink or two 😉
But more enjoyable was the request from 3 young girls to a young skinny couple to get out of the lift, as it was over the weight limit. I paraphrase “Get out you fatties”. Everyone looked at each other and burst out laughing. We all realised that the phrasing was wrong. Including the young couple. After the couple left, the lift bounced gently down to the ground due to laughter.

Back to Liverpool Street train station, and our bus home.

A nightcap in the bar, and thence to bed.

Sunday morning a late breakfast then church. Nice to see an institution I helped build (literally) doing well.

Checked a few purse shops on the way back to get Barry.

A chat with Jimmy (superb tweed jacket, ex-RSM, Scot) and then off again.

We arrived at the Duchess theatre and picked up our tickets. A coffee around the corner, then back for the show.
‘The Play that Goes Wrong’ is a great premise. And has some genuinely funny moments eg: when the upper stage collapsed. But for the most part it was totally predictable. And not quite to the standard of the usual British farce 🙁

Barry then dragged me to a pub. Seriously. 
A barmaid from France tried to tell us that President’s brie is really good. Maybe she was not from France. The alternative is hard to believe. A person born and raised in France who likes “bouncy” brie!!!

Bus home and a nice supper in the hotel.

Nice soup.
Rest of the supper was equally nice. Hence the lack of pictures 🙂

Monday saw me rise early and do some planning. Have 12 countries to visit in the next 3 months. And I have to be in England 3 times for 3 seperate events.
Hmmm. This travelling is not that easy.

Down for breakfast. Am going to miss the smoked salmon, full-English, and fresh fruit.
Then Barry and I finish packing.
Catch the coach back home.

Not sure why people are complaining about the weather. Has been dry and sunny for most of this trip.
England sure has improved! hahahaha.

For supper, the second Chinese shop in Barry’s village provided an acceptable soup. The rest was rather bland. But what can you expect from a place staffed by a trainee finance chap. haha

And so endeth our 3rd trip to London.
Another great trip 🙂

Richard says:

12 countries? 3 months? Plus going back and for 3 times? I suggest you convert your bike to nitro fuel.

biker says:

No need.
Two wheels and a white line, is all the is required 🙂