Thanks and Adieu Barry

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Tuesday is pub day for Barry.

Picked up Mark enroute to the pub. Nice to know I can be insulted in stereo 🙂
Outstanding pint at the Delme. Seriously good beer from a fresh barrel.

Then some shopping and eventually supper at the Italian restaurant in Bishops Waltham.
We shared a pizza as an appetizer, then Barry had a pork marsala, with me on anchovy spaghetti.
Really good.
Good service too, from a young waitress taking no prisoners 🙂 Don’t get this in Canada 🙂

Talking of Canada, sent in my tax info. A bit late but still weeks ahead of the deadline.
Went to bed happy that major milestone is done. And wishing Barry was not such a generous host. Have got to cut down on this drinking 😉

Wednesday is another pub day for Barry but with Chris.

I dropped of my laundry. More on that later.

Then Barry dropped me off to rent a DJ/Tux. Turned out Debenhams is not the department store it used to be. Chap in charge of suits was not there, and the young lady who went to “help” could not. And did not care.

Did some handbag shopping then walked along to meet Barry and Chris.
Two pints of scrumpy were enough, but Barry insisted I needed more!

Picked up laundry.
Dropped Chris off.
Then back home.
Not sure what the laundry did. Best guess is that they put the clean-clothes bag into the washer and dryer. The heat welded the bag shut. After 15yrs and 100,000km on a motorcycle, took a laundrette to damage the bag 🙁

After a nap, we went out for supper to the Bugle in Twyford……

Nice. But no better than last night. And not worth twice as much! Still, did have whiskey soused bread&butter pudding……

Thursday morning Barry took me to Moss Bros where I found a Tux.

I’ve given up on breakfast, so after a chat over coffee, Barry and I decided to go back to the Delme for lunch in their garden.

Back and prep’d the bike for tomorrow. Pre-flight checks, and sort my gear. Am leaving my survival gear and other unused items behind. Less is more!

Yard work and lawnmower maintenance. The weather has turned all sunny.

Then in for spaghetti bolognese a la Barry. Always nice.

Friday morning I loaded the bike and rode off. 

My advice is if you have ANY excuse to stay at Barry’s, then DO IT!!! Brilliant host. Real coffee and/or tea every morning. Full breakfast. NICE cooking! Morning noon and night. :):):)