Getting to Paris for 2017Apr13

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Shame to leave the pub on Tuesday. Countryside looked nice! Even with the mist.

Was heading to Pangbourne to meet Jim. A smart guy (airport expert) who left the GTAA some 10yrs ago, and an all round good guy. I have the GTAA golf shirt to prove it πŸ™‚
We met up for a pint at The Swan Inn. I’d found a B&B across the road…..

and the pint turned into supper.Β 
Nice food, and chef gave us free deserts as the main was slow in arriving.
Gave time for a great conversation.Β 
Feel free to join the nature vs nurture debate πŸ˜‰

Next morning I rode past the Lamborghini dealership, wondering who does live here, that it warrants such a shop!

Side-roads to Barry’s.
Just in time to repeat last Tuesday’s lunch with Mark.

Then pickup my tux/DJ
Gosh I look good when I am all cleaned up.

Supper was a rerun of the italian in Bishops Waltham.Β 
Turns out that Tuesday night is two for one πŸ™‚

Wednesday was laundry, meet with Chris, then supper at a Giorgio’s place in Bishops Waltham.
The paella was nice……

No need to go to Spain. Especially as it’s hard to find there!

Evening meant a short visit with Robert&Eilene.
Would have been longer if I had not forgotten my knee armour and had to go back!
And I had the Caen ferry to catch.

The lady checking me onto the ferry was Spanish and had been to the Pinguinos rally πŸ™‚

No berth this time πŸ™
But a smooth crossing πŸ™‚

Next morning, Thursday, an easy off-the-boat, with a group of bikers heading to Le Mans.

Breakfast was an OUTSTANDING pain-aux-raisin from this bakery…..

in Gace. Where they celebrate this courtesan…..

Properly breakfasted, I layered up.
So far, the roads had been misty/foggy roads with temperatures around 6degC.

TomTom only led me astray once.
It was hilarious, now that I am here.Β 
Approaching a roundabout, TomTom suggested another route. Trouble was that I had no time to check out the other route, as I was on the roundabout. Nor did I know which exit I was supposed to take, because the Β new route display filled the screen!

But I arrived at my Paris hotel, safe and sound. And early.

Told the hotel that my bike was parked on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. NICE spot, but not allowed to leave it there, for the duration.

Went for a galette…..

Back at the hotel, my room was ready early. So unpacked.
Found an Easter egg.
TLC for the bike, and took the both panniers off the bike. Rarely do that. The one with the petrol can is covered with spots of chain lube.
However, the bike does become slimmer and much more nimble. A great benefit in city traffic πŸ™‚

Rode over to Maura and Yves.Β 
Primo underground parking spot for the bike.
I was officially arrived.