Saturday morning up and TaiChi. Made challenging by the tight quarters that comprise my room. A single bed would have helped. Though the double bed is comfy.

Tea and make my plan for shopping.

Rode the subway to what is billed as the world’s largest antique market:   Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen

First stop an espresso n pastry……..

Le Paul Bert did both well.
But the big surprise was the toilet design. You have to go see.

Then wandered up n down. Lots of up n down.
Nearly found a man-purse. Twice. 
Had a nice chat with a seller from Morocco. Another chat ref the price of silver.‎ Starting with “How much?!?!?!”

Then time for lunch…..

at Chez Louisette.
My life is complete. Beef bourginon with accordion, piano and “Edith Piaff” 🙂

Next stop? The food market Marché d’Aligre.
Was a trap.
Food everywhere.
All looks nice.
All tastes better.
So much for loosing weight in Europe! hahaha
Did help that the street market was closing down. But lots of shops.
One of which had the best French cold pie ever. I had that on a park bench. Seriously good homemade pie from Au Fin Gourmet.

Had used the metro to get me to both places. But was just north of the hotel, so walked the rest.

Had taken my umbrella as there was early morning rain. And forecasted late afternoon rain. Had not used it in the morning, but as I passed the Gard Austerlitz, the rain started.
Not the only thing dropping from the sky. Had to clean the umbrella along the way, and then in the hotel room. That’s a first. Really glad I had the brolly.

One thing about Paris, and London. They both have lots of railway stations.

Back at the hotel I had a cup of tea and a pain aux raisin purchased at Aligre. Then I had the other. Was supposed to be breakfast tomorrow. My “reasoning” being that the pastry would not last that long. haha

Had a nap. This should be me caught up on my sleep, after the ferry crossing.

Also caught up on Leicester City’s latest game. 2-2 draw at Crystal Palace. The team that in their previous game beat Arsenal 3-0, so not a bad result. And Vardy scored a great goal. Only dark spot is that we were up 2-0 till the 54th minute.

Then set to work making an adjustment to my “Hungarian” boots. Don’t ask. But walking has not been as comfortable as expected.
The trouble is that the “cheap” SWAT boots are wearing out after only 4mths.
And my last Canadian Forces boots are in Heidelberg, pretty much done.
No replacements available.
So these boots have to be made to work.

I’ve said it before. This travelling is hard work.

Talking of which, I have made two entries into this blog.
It’s 10pm.
Easter tomorrow.

G’nite All.