Thursday evening supper with the family was Chinese. I had nice gyoza in a good noodle soup 🙂
Followed by a long walk home. Well not that long. And it was Paris by moonlight 🙂

Glad I had tea ready when I arrived back at the hotel. Had been ready to fall asleep on the bike coming into Paris. Was even more ready for a good night’s sleep. Just needed a nightcap.

Friday morning was another cup of tea and some travel research.

My touristico target was the Pantheon. A huge building. With lots of picnics going on in front.
Inside a super impressive hall.
Then down into the crypts.
I was expecting Madam Currie’s casket to be glowing. Bit dissapointing really. It was not glowing.
Voltaire, Dumas and others are all there too. Some with impressive statues and fancy tombs. Many in a crypt, in a simple tomb.
Lots more room. But you have to be outstanding to get in. And French 😉

My next stop was Rue St. Peres to checkout the location of the Ukrainian church. And where I also found an excellent chocolate shop……

Started walking to the Eiffel tower when a pedallo-rickshaw caught my attention. Well worth the Euros to watch the world go by in comfort. The route took me along the Seine.

No chance of getting up the tower without a long wait, so checked the boats out. No different there. 
Hopped the metro to Notre Dame. Even bigger queues!
Hmmm. Easter week-end may not be the best time to play tourist.

But the sun was shining and the sky blue:)

Headed home via a cafe in a side street. A tea, macarons and a chat with the owner about business and kids, made it a pleasant stop.

‎Back in my hotel room I checked out places for supper, which is why I am here…..

for supper, at Au Bon Coin……

Scenic walk home.

Perfect end to a Friday night in Paris.

Матей says:

Христос Воскрес!

biker says:

Voisno Vosrkess!

ps: Ukraiinchi are everywhere 🙂