Easter in Paris – Joyeux Paques

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Up and walked to church.
Standing room only, and not even inside the church. We were on the street. So I walked over to the side door, where I could stand in the courtyard, and eventually get inside.
Later in the service the Priest said why. More parishoners, than ever before. 
After mass the baskets had to be blessed. In the church and out in the courtyard. I suspect the young priest enjoyed splashing holy water over us all. He certainly splashed me, and I was nowhere near a basket. hahahaha
All told this took over 3hrs. No wonder I usually go to the 8am mass – just one hour 🙂 
But it was Paris. And the sun was shining.

Needed sustenance after this marathon mass. First stop was a chocolatier. No hot chocolate. Aaaagh!
But this is Paris. Around the corner, down an alleyway, real hot chocolate 🙂

Feeling better, I walked on.
Waylaid by a cafe, so had this…….

Seriously, I only needed the coffee, but watching the world go by, I had the urge for a cognac.

Further on, an urge for a galette with spinach and mushrooms.

Next temptation was a French Onion soup, but have supper tonight. So walked on by, and sat in the sun near my hotel.
A glass of rosee wine.
Watching the world go by.

Weirdest thing I saw? Two places advertising Beer Pong. Seriously? The whole idea of Paris is to sit, sip, and watch the world go by!

Back at the hotel I had a nap, then showered, changed, picked up my Easter gifts and headed out.

What can I say about the family in Paris? Aside from being great, the youngsters can cook 🙂
Lovely evening. Shame to leave. But I have to ride tomorrow, and am sure Yves would have set me another grappa, and another, etc 🙂

Happy Easter everyone.

Richard says:

Ahhh, springtime in Paris. A cafe on the terrace, blossoms sprouting and dog poop everywhere. So romantic.

biker says:

So you HAVE been to Paris 🙂