Awoke to a fine Tuesday morning, so elected to take a stroll.
I wanted an ATM.
Found two, but kept on walking till I found a likely looking patisserie. Good choice as they made an excellent pain aux raisin 🙂
Went to the ATM next door. But my card did not work. Not unusual. Though the message stated “insufficient funds”. hmmmmm
Tried another ATM. Again no funds.
Now before you all start sending me money, I dashed back to my hotel, unpacked the laptop and checked my account. Lots of money. So must be an ATM issue.
Still, on second thoughts, if you feel the need, send money. As the saying goes, “Too much is just enough” hahahahahaha

Had parked the bike in a free spot, across the road, so moved it to the hotel’s front door. Had to negotiate, two parked cars, a lampost, bus stop, kerb and four lanes of traffic.
It all worked out.

Loaded the bike, including a bottle of the champagne I enjoyed last time. Then headed out.

A long haul today. Heading to see Nigel in Seligenstadt. But did not fancy 7hrs on the road, so had booked a place a couple of hours out.

Was a nice ride through France. Backroads, so not much traffic. Rolling landscape.
Pity about the weather. I had not bothered to check the route as the hotel was booked. But rain and 5degC weather, made me doubt my sanity. Luckily there was some sunshine and 10degC weather.
But I was not the only one out. At one village church, there were over 60 cars lining the road. Did not look like a wedding, nor a funeral. Easter Tuesday?

Coming into Germany reminded me that Toronto drivers should stay at home. You have to look AND indicate BEFORE you THINK of changing lanes.
I was cruising at 140kph and still being passed as if I was standing still.
Nowhere else in Europe have I found this volume of fast drivers. Zer gut 🙂

Bike required two fill-ups.
First in France where I partook of brunch. Question: How come the food can be good in France, even at a gas station?
Second in Germany, where I was wondering what happened. The last few kms had been like the Twighlight Zone. McDonalds and big box stores lining the road. NoOooooOooooo!

Second fill-up was close to my hotel, which is set in a wood, with a lake.
And I have a split-level room 🙂 Now that is a first.

Got organized and checked-in with Nigel.
TLC for the bike.‎

Then supper…..

G’nite All.
Don’t forget to cheer for Leicester City at 1945BST before you go to bed tonight.

stephen says:

I’m in Northern Ireland, andlistening to the game live on BBC Radio 5 live – Leicester just scored – now 1-1 on the night and 2-1 aggregate – they need 2 more goals 25 mins to go. It could be a miracle.

stephen says:

Your last note to me said “send me an note if I come to the UK”- well you mean to England as I am in the UK right now but wont be going to England. I am driving to My brother in law in Galway next week. He Kite surfs in the Atlantic ocean. He is actually lives up the mountain in County Clare-it is in the wilds. Leicester close to scoring a 2nd – if i happens the radio announcer will have a heart attack, and so will I.

biker says:

Plan to visit both Irelands in early June