Easter Monday saw me up and pack.
Breakfast was an orange. And lots of water.

Maura let me know that I could come early, to retrieve the bike from their garage. Generally they arise 10am or later:)

Got the bike. Weather had turned to rain, now quite heavy.‎ Nearly dropped the bike on a really slipperly speed-bump.
My fault for cutting along the edge. Another lesson learned.

Back at the hotel, I put the luggage back on the bike. Prepped and rode off.

Traffic was light.

Got as far as Provins and decided to look for lunch. It was after 1pm, and France shuts down for the afternoon.
It was a good idea:) Found L’Appart restaurant who made a French take on Sheppard’s Pie using Black Pudding…….

Seriously good.
Took all my will-power to stay away from the rhum baba, and profiteroles.

Provins is a nice old town, but you have to walk to the walls and church. So I didn’t.

Rode onto Troyes. Same hotel as last time 😉
TLC for the bike.
Seems the rain had quit for the day 🙂

Did some chores, then downstairs to repeat last time’s dinner and a bottle of champagne. Quelle horror! The kitchen was closed for Easter. I wasn’t that keen on a bottle of champagne, but they had seriously good food the last time.

Reception gave me a map and suggested where to go. Ignored that and had Chinese: soup and a stir-fry. Both good. Warmed and filled me up.

Feeling recharged I went for a walkabout. 
Nice place to do a walkabout.
Met two British couples enroute from Switzerland to Cambridge. They were as lost as I was! hahahaha

Back at the hotel, I ordered the champagne to go.

Showered and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.