Had awoken just after 6am but after pottering around for a bit, went back to bed and fell asleep. So a bit of a rush when I awoke again and made it just in time for breakfast.
Decided I may as well stay another day.

Updated the blog.
Was checking some things on the bike via the Internet when I realised I was missing a wonderful day.

Went walkabout.
Which included the basilica and the adjacent gardens…..

 Would have been a fountain in the picture, but it stopped as I was walking around, framing the shot with the sun. Gave my audience a chuckle. 
I didn’t know there was an audience!

Back at the hotel to give the TLC for the bike that I skipped yesterday.

Back in the room, showered as I was due to meet Nigel’s English class. Going to change into my best, when the bed beckoned. So I lay down to listen to the BBC, for half an hour, and then go out early to see the museum, which had closed for lunch by the time I arrived.
Good job one gets wiser as one ages. I’d set the alarm, which woke me up.

Out for supper…..

Then Nigel came over and took me to English classes. Imagine “choir practice” with nice Germans 🙂 🙂 🙂
Thus ended the first lesson 🙂

ps: Harley bikers come here May03 for a meet, and Manfred Mann will be playing. Just in case you readers were wondering what to do in early May 🙂