All best laid plans for Tuesday night.
Supper and bloging finished, I headed towards my room via the lake…….

Then walking around the hotel, I entered via the lower level to hear a TV and something about a Champions League. And yes it was. But the Bayern game. Still. I would see highlights of Leicester.
Met Sven, a wrapping mechanic (computerised machines that wrap pallet loads of goods) with whom I drank swartz beer and commiserated as both Bayern and Leicester lost.
I went to bed a trifle sad, though Jamie Vardy came through again. No Champions League next year. And just as the world was begining to stop saying “Leicester who!?!?!”

Wednesday morning I awoke and ran through my proper TaiChi sets.

Gave the bike some more TLC then rode it closer to the front door.
Plugged in Nigel’s co-ordinates and rode off. All layered up, as only 5degC.

Only‎ 140km  to Nigel’s in Seligenstadt. And most of it was autobahn. I stopped off some 10km out to fill up and have breakfast, fresh fruit salad and coffee.

Turns out my “bookmark” for Nigel and Margaret’s home was off. 
My fault? You decide.
TomTom demands you touch the screen to set your current location as a bookmark. This is at best imprecise, and often annoyingly frustrating. Inadvertently I must have bookmarked an alleyway 10m from the correct spot.
If the Dutch programmers had any sense they would have an option to show your current location, with a further option to bookmark it. But the idiots won’t let the GPS tell you your location, so that option cannot exist. Stupid Dutch programmer. 
Working their process, my gloved hand must have been 10m out. And how would I know?‎ Well, as it turned out today, I ride to a bookmarked location, and realise that it is incorrect.
Stupid Dutch programmer or User error? Well, I know what the programmers would say 🙁 

Used my phone and found Nigel. I was after all only 10m out.

Off the bike and we walked downtown and had lunch.
Then an ice-cream. What? Too cold? Nah. It was 8degC now. And the snow had stopped.

A bit of a walkabout cum history lesson by Nigel. Took a 1,000yrs to build Seligenstadt’s church, or more properly termed basilica.

Then back to Nigel’s where Margaret made a pot of tea and we discussed everything including politics.

Talking of which, does anybody know why Teresa May is going for an election?
Last person I remember calling an election on a principle (hahahaha as if politicians do things), was Ted Heath. And that did not work out too well for him.
Answers below please 🙂

Leaving Nigel’s, I followed his instructions to a nearby garden centre. Am in need of a backup pair of leather gloves.
However, no such luck. Only plastic gloves.

There with dark clouds, threat of snow flurries and the temperature dropping, I elected to call it quits.
Found a nearby hotel.
Booked in.
Parked the bike after applying some TLC.

Then out for supper……

And now?
“Time for bed said Zebedee”

Richard says:

The polls show her well in the lead above Corbyn by at least 21 points giving her a decisive win to “rule” on anything she wants.

biker says:

These the same polls that said Britain would never vote for Brexit?

June says:

OK, I think the call for a general election is a timely announcement for mass destraction – just dancing around waiting for the bomb to drop. (Not necessarily a real physical bomb/dance.)
Tis all a waste of time and money, and who’s footing the bill? Donald Tusk got it right! A pageant to cover for the other Donald.

biker says:

the media has got nothing right in years!
Tusk. Tusk

June says:

Oh, for “bomb” read “penny “, and cut out the brackets xx

biker says:

me thinks that was a Freudian slip

June says: