Up in Seligenstadt on a Friday morning.‎
Headed south. Taking the scenic route.

Was 5degC when I awoke.
Blue skies.
20km down the road it was 13degC :):)
Countryside was hilly and gorgeous. 
The road followed rivers for the most part, so there was always a valley to the left, right or in front. Very scenic.
Countryside turned into rolling landscape.
Then up a mounain.
Down the other side.
And home. My German motorrad home in Heidelberg.

3 cups of coffee later, I was unpacked and setup in my room.
This included a chat with John, ex-fighter pilot now a Prof in Padua. And a Ducati rider.

Checked up on my next ride.
No Berlin plant tour‎ this trip.
But should be able to take in Wunderlich for some front shock protectors. Then I won’t have to clean them every day! 
Then back to Dear Ol’ Blighty for a service on the bike. 
Northern Scotland. Which I missed the last time.
Finally, back to Barry’s to get my tux for the formal dinner party in May.

Anybody noticed the lack of Canada in the above?
Outside of the lad’s birthday, I cannot think of a reason to go back. He’s cool. So I’m not going back. At least not yet.

I have 3 events in England.
Need to check out the top of Scotland.
Both Irelands.
So that is me busy till mid-July.
Just need to find something to do whilst schools are out, and everywhere is full of kinder. Denmark and the Baltic states?

Planning done, I went out for a kebab. Then to pickup cash and cake. 

Just finishing up the cake, when‎ James from San Diego came in. Ex-general contractor. And also a Ducati rider. ‎He’s over for a few months. Bike takes another 3 weeks to arrive.
We chatted. But that is another story.
Small world. He was leaving Paris as I was getting in!

We went out so he could eat supper whilst I had a beer.
Then I showed him around town.

Getting home was through quiet and shuttered houses. All buttoned down before 11pm on a Friday night.

Not quite the image of a biker hangout, wot?

Saturday morning up for a full TaiChi set. Then breakfast.
Extended my insurance till August.
Then kibbutzed with James as he figured out some places to go.Stefan, the meister here, suggested RyanAir. Flights can be as low as 10euros 🙂

I then suited up and rode off in the rain to Sinsheim museum.
Truth be told, I was hoping to catch Fast&Furious#8 in IMAX. Not to be. Movie not available today. So did a walkabout, saw lots of stuff and started to ride home.
Met a dark-haired version of Sabine Schmitz, at the Army Shop. And a pair of boots!!! Hurrrrrah!!!

In a while supper, then start riding back to the UK tomorrow.


James says:

It was a welcome surprise to meet you and to spend some time with you! Breakfasts in Stefan’s kitchen, dinner at Dufke, and our spirited conversations were all great fun!
Safe travels my friend!

biker says:

Same here ! 🙂
Just repeat after me “Longer than two weeks it always ends badly” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

James says:

It adds weight hearing you say it! Thank you for the support!

biker says: