It Helps if You are Mad

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James found me easily led on Saturday night. We had an excellent evening, no doubt helped by the beer before the meal, wine and schnapps during the meal, and a beer after. James made me do it. Honest.

Sunday morning saw me up early.
Did some online banking and other bits and pieces.
Then James arrived and we continued last night’s conversation over the breakfast that Stefan had set.

I also realized that I was not going with Plan A. Run near to a motorcycle shop some 200km up the road. Instead I was going to run for the English Channel, or at least as close as could be.
At first I thought Plan A would be back on the table. Last night had been too much 🙂 Then the sun came out, and the kilometres fell away.
I was near Gent, and needed a bite to eat. Had a pleasant roast chicken (half) and salad (not from the buffet).
Checked for my favourite B&B in Dover, sold out 🙁
Running along for a couple of hours was looking too much.
So I found a nearby hotel, and rode there.

Unpacked and TLC for the bike.
Maurice (the owner) gave me a free beer as I had to sit and wait for 15mins, before he arrived. Totally unnecessary, but very nice.

Did some research on ferries.
Checked with June – OK to swing by.

Updated this blog.

And now it is time for bed.
Only an hour’s ride tomorrow. But would be nice to catch the fast ferry.

G’nite All: