Up early on Monday.
So dressed, packed and had an excellent breakfast.
Prep’d the bike and rode off.

A couple of traffic jams, that were for no reason I could see. But that is what the white line is for.
Please do use your mirrors and watch out for bikers next time you are in your car, and stuck in a traffic jam. We really do need to keep moving. The French are the kindest to bikers. Vive La France!

Arrived at the ferry and pulled in behind a coach. They do take a long time to process. Longer than us bikers who show up without a ticket 🙂

Once on the ferry, lashed the bike down and had a curry, spotted dick, and a nap.
Awoke to calm seas, hint of sunshine, and a cup of tea.
Sometimes the travel gods are kind 🙂

Once at Dover, we disembarked and rode off towards London.
TomTom went a bit mad, and told me to go down a road and come back along the same road. Needed to fill up, so found out where I was and plan a new route. Nothing daft from TomTom after that.
All was smooth sailing till the accident on the M11. Another biker rode up. Cold case officer. Interesting chat. Third biker joined us just as they let the traffic move on.
I thought Clarkson used to rant on Top Gear about the bureaucracy on the highways just because he could. haha. Not so. There was a pace car to take us through the section where they were recovering a vehicle! Really.
Then I noticed a warning light. Main headlamp bulp had died. Rode on a bit, till I found a garage. Filled up with petrol, and replaced the bulb. I always carry a spare. Boy scout 🙂
Whilst replacing the bulb, a car pulled into the next parking spot. A gentleman who has just restored a Rover 2000, owned by his family since new. The Rover, and other more illustrious marques, will be at Donington this weekend, for the Historic Car Weekend. During the weekend, you can pay for a ride around the track in a vintage vehicle of your choice. The monies going to charity.

Not much later I arrived at June’s and unpacked.
Excellent stew. Just what I needed.
Long chat with June and Graham.
My body was quite glad to get into a bed. Think I may have underestimated the cold.

Up late on Tuesday morning. Light breakfast. Then out to do some shopping, for essentials:
Recharge my UK SIM card. Soooo much cheaper than a Bell roaming package.
Man purse. Not the final solution, but an OK interim step.
Lavendar oil.
Spare headlamp bulb.

Popped over to visit with Walter (the oldest brother).

Then back to June’s for Toad-in-the-Hole, followed by strawberries, then cheese.

York tomorrow. Weather forecast has an end to the snow flurries. Hope it’s true!

G’nite All.

James says:

Glad to hear travels are going well. I’m afraid to ask what a spotted dick is!

biker says:


a steamed pudding with raisins 🙂

Richard says:

Ahhh, York, so many memories. Used to live with a nice lady where her husband worked at Cadburys. After he passed she was given a special card that allowed her to get free chocolate. That’s almost better than a gold watch. Hahahaha

biker says:

I agree 🙂

Stephen says:

Oh Great Lucifer – Toronto misses you – don’t give up on Canada – the Football factory is in mourning at the absence of the Great Lucifer on Saturday mornings

biker says:

and I miss the Football Factory