Up on Wednesday morning to give the the bike some TLC.
Quite chilly. And blustery outside.

June gave breakfast.
We all chatted, mainly about football. Graham is a huge ‘boro fan, and they are going down. June is a dedicated England fan, nuff said. And I am wondering how Leicester will dig themselves out of the hole they are in.

Dressed and headed out. On the wrong side of the road!!! Oooops. Luckily it is a quiet road. And the white SUV did not run me over.

Rest of the run to York was OK. Except for the weather. Alternate rain, hail and sunshine. All at 7degC. And none lasting for more than 15mins.

Pulled up to the laundrette I’d used last year. Sam still there. Ran a check on accommodation nearby. Found a likely place.
Owner out on an errand so walked down the street looking for a cup of tea.  Took longer than expected as I found an army surplus store with a good man from Glasgow. Then an organic store with fruit and munchies.

Back at the BnB, landlord Sean took me up to my room and I unpacked and gave the bike some TLC. Rain does tend to wash the lubricant off the chain.

Next stop was supper.
Spotted a Polish restaurant on my previous trip. Still here, so The barbakan must be good? See below…..

Duck confit and beet salad were excellent.
The rest was out of a packet, IMHO. So enter not if you had a granny who made her own noodles and varrennikki (perogies).

A pint at a pub that Sean was in. 
Real ale. But I was hard pressed to notice. Leicester game not televised. And Nick from Toronto has a secret pipelines to the Leicester City scores. Told me about the Huth own-goal some 30secs before the BBC!

And so sadly, I went to bed.

Richard says:

Poor Leicester being beaten by Arsenal. I feel for you.

biker says:

still a few games to go, and only 3 points required. there is hope