Up on a fine Friday morning.
Updated the blog.
Had breakfast. Gareth from last night was long gone. But four nice Dutch people were there. I did not berate them with tales of woe due to the Dutch, ie:TomTom 🙂

Laundry was my first stop.

Then getting another place to stay. Had extended my stay here already by one day. But as this is a long weekend, this B&B is booked solid for Sat&Sun.
Landlord Sean was good enough to call a pub around the corner. I walked over to confirm the room.

Then taxes. Yes even I have to pay taxes. Seems so unfair. 
All done.

Went looking for a postcard for June to say “Thank You”. Found something much better 😉

Had a look for gloves. Even the custom shoemaker knew not.
But a nice chat 🙂

Back home, I adjusted the left handlebar muff. Needed a bit more space.

Then out for a curry.

Chicken was very good.

Staggered out. There was a lot more food than expected. Went into the pub next-door. Had a small chocolate porter. Perfect end to the meal 🙂

Back home and to bed.

G’nite All.

James says:

Hey, next time please take the pic before…we can only dream now 😉

biker says:

It mainly is. Only had one piece of the chicken tikka 🙂
Look left young man! The cast-iron plate is still full.
And I should have taken the lids off the rice and bhindi pots.