Up to a grey Saturday morning.
Breakfast and check the bike.

First thought. Tire pressure gauge not working. Tried the front tire, all AOK. Oh dear. I have a flat rear tire. Brand new!
Pop the bike up on it’s centre-stand, and inspect the tire.
Tire looked good. No nasty punctures. No cuts. No scrapes. Last year, the screw was perfectly visible. What could it be?
Just as a reminder here is a pic of my tire guage, and my pump, from last year, on the day I purchased the pump. 
The pump is not much longer than the pencil tire guage! 
I reckon on ten strokes, or more, per ft-lb of pressure. I need 40 ft-lbs in the rear tire. 400+ strokes. Oh dear.
Pumped for a while.
Checked the tire pressure. Near 20ft-lbs.
Did the bubble test. A drop of saliva on the valve stem. Lo and behold. A bubble appears. Duff valve.
Called Barrie Robson. Usual practise with a new tire is a new valve. They came out to take a look. Confirmed the diagnosis, but could not get the old part out. 
So we took turns pumping, and with 38ft-lbs of pressure, I rode the bike to their shop. Where, before I had time to drink my tea, the fix was completed. 
Diagnosis: Piece of rubber was causing the leak. Wedged the valve slightly open, and prevented the removal of the inner stem. 
All fixed for free and I rode off.

Back at the BnB packed my stuff and rode over to the Victoria pub. My home for the next two nights.

Had a pint and unpacked.
Talked with my godfather, who is out of hospital for a bit.

Then a small cider and lunch……

Home-made pie. LOADs of good mash. All smothered in excellent gravy.

Then a stroll downtown to run some errands.
Included looking for my man-purse, in the Shambles, as I was on a promise. Turned out to be a lie. Ahhhh youngsters. 
Consoled myself with a cup of tea at Bettys……

Then back home for a feet-up and catch a Doctor Who episode 🙂

Down to the bar for a pint, and listen to Lionel Patterson. Not bad. And filled the pub.

I left early to watch Match of the Day. Leicester beat WBA 1-0, with Jamie Vardy scoring another excellent goal. Means Leicester have reached their 40 points for the season, and should be safe from relegation. Yeah!

And with that happy thought, and the music from downstairs, I drifted off to sleep.

Richard says:

Could have 3 nil with Okazaki and Mahrez.

biker says:

we’re staying up 🙂