Up late on a sunny Sunday morning.
Updated the blog.
Did some route planning. Am half tempted not to go up to Scotland. But that must be the snow talking. Or the rule of threes.
Went and checked the rear tire. Still @ 40ft-lbs :):):) If there is a leak, it is VERY slow.

Lunch was next. Excellent…..

Greens :):):)
And the crackling arrived shortly after the photo 🙂

Then a walk. Sunny and warm with blue skies. Why sit indoors?

First stop was Clifford’s Tower. The remnant of a castle. Perched atop a huge mound. Gives a nice view of the city…..

In front was a display of old military vehicles. 

And they were in front of the‎ York museum. Big draw is the recreated Victorian street. And yes I did buy some sweets 🙂 

However I did have to visit the Yorkshire museum to get a better sense of how long York has been around. 
This was set in a nice park with hints of the Romans. 

I walked on and around York Minster to view other vestiges of the Romans. Must have been much redevelopment in the Middle Ages, as there is not much left.

Walking around was funny. People wearing shorts, and others in coats and scarves. 
It was sunny, dry and 14degC. 
Which must account for the crowd at the regular Sunday street party……

Back to my pub for a pint of OJ and soda. 

Ran some chores. 

Watched Match of the Day Two. 

And to bed. 

A nice Sunday.

June says:

There used to be, and probably still is, a good ghost tour in York; sets off at 6 or 7pm? Fun ! The most haunted city in Europe. Whooo!

June says:

From the Kings Arms at 8pm ok x

biker says:


Thanks 🙂