Up late on a so-so Monday morning.
Updated the blog.
Then decided not to go.
Left a note for the landlady, and took a stroll. Why a note? They’d gone out, and I did not have the code to get back in.

Walked back streets till I arrived at a part of the city wall that I had not walked. Up an at ’em, Atom Ant!
Love this wall-walking. Get to see backyards. Feels very much like a private view of the world. Some awesome gardens near York Minster. Almost makes one want to be a tycoon and own a second home in this little island. You have to see the ads over here to get that 🙂

The sun was out by now. Prophesised rain never happened 🙂

Ended up outside Bettys other location, but there was a long queue. 
Elected to go to Jamies’s……


Back at my hotel, had another white wine.
Then paid my HST for last year. Not sure if I could have done this without the white wines. Seriously messed up payment process. My business account will not authenticate with the CRA. And my personal accounts do not show any HST payee.
Still, as in all things, got it done. Will check in a few days to make sure.

Whilst wrapping the tax payment up, Paul asked if I wanted to go to a match. OH YES! Even if we have to sit with the away supporters.

And on that happy note, wandered off to follow June’s suggestion, to see some ghosts 🙂
And whilst no ghosts were seen, it was an interesting time, with a William Shatner-esque speaker. York as night-time falls is neat. Just when thought it couldn’t get more twee.

On the way home I stopped for a fish supper……

A nightcap with a small porter across the street.

Then back at my pub, joy of joys! Paul announced he has the tickets!!! Three PM on Saturday, your’s truly will be cheering on Leicester City!!! Look for us on TV. 
All together now, “We’re staying up, we’re staying….”

G’nite All 🙂

James says:

Good to see you’re staying. It’s nice to be able to decide at the moment whether to move on or stay a bit longer. Staying, when it’s a choice, means you’re feeling good in the spot.

biker says:

So where are you?