Hadrian’s Wall Day02

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Thursday morning saw more sunshine, with a few white clouds.
Breakfast was outstanding……

Then back to Vindolanda, aiming for the west entrance.

Came out onto the Military Road, and was awestruck. Looked like a giant had flattened the end of a range of hills, leaving a cliff face.
Took a detour. Had a look from all sides. Think I saw Robin Hood’s tree.

Back onto the Military Road to Vindolanda.
Found the West entrance and parked.
The staff were fun. 
Walkabout included a description from a volunteer as to why the workmanship looked shoddy: because it was! The theory is that the forts and the wall were built in a hurry. The forts because they were modified by every new commander and change in type/number of troops stationed there. The wall because it was a huge undertaking.
Had a light lunch.
Walked around the pond with recreated buildings……..

Rode on to the Roman Army museum
Let TomTom take me past the car-park and onto where I saw another‎ Sycamore Gap, from the film Robin Hood.
Awesome landscapes. Well worth the detour.

Back to the museum. Asked about their location. Been here for years. Postal code covers a huge area. Which is why they say to follow the signs 🙂
The 3-D movie was fun, but did not answer many questions about life in the army.
The rest of the museum helped a bit.
But missing were (a) Roman tactics (b) logistics. How do you wander into a wilderness and subject all the peoples? How do you supply and pay for 500,000 troops, across the known world, when you only had sailboats and horses? Really interesting questions to me.
But you do get a glimpse into the days of a Roman soldier.
And in July there will be re-enactments. Bitts Park in Carlisle will have a whole troop on July 1st and 2nd.

One final stop at Birdoswald Roman Fort.
Nice views, at the southern end.
Nice stretch of the wall……

And the road I needed ran alongside Hadrian’s Wall, for quite a while 🙂

One final stop was Lanercost Priory
Nice ruin courtesy of Henry VIII. 
Edward I (remember Braveheart) spent time here.
Part of the building has been restored as a church.

And lo and behold, I get to go through Brampton……

Much nicer than the Ontario version. hahahaha

Then onto the Blacksmiths Arms in Talkin.
Supper. Not a great success, but excellent recovery.

Took a stroll……

And thus endeth the Hadrian’s Wall adventure.
One question.
Roman cartographers must have been very good. Picked the narrowest point in Britannicus. Built along natural defensive ridges. Placed towers every mile. 
So why is the Mappa Mundi so iffy? hahahahaha 

G’nite All.‎

Lynn says:

You obviously like romans….shame you missed the site in shields. I eventually went when rachel was about five as could never find it. Ian did….

biker says:

Sometimes what is or was in your backyard, are the hardest to find.

stephen says:

The secret to Roman logistics – Roads

stephen says:

The secret to Roman logistics – Roads (250,000 miles of roads throughout the empire). In Britain along 2,500 miles of roads – still there today all emanating in Londonium.

biker says:

So they had maps of Britain.
Knew who and what was where.
Got everyone onside via Pax Romanus.
And all without Google, Garmin or phones.