Up on Wednesday early, and update the blog.
Breakfast – traditional English πŸ™‚
Chat with a couple who are off to the lighthouse delayed my start. but well worth the time πŸ™‚

Rode by the Roman fort in Shields.

Then out to the first stop, via the Tyne tunnel (free for motorcycles) and a road that carves through the city, sometimes underground.

Sun shining. Blue skies. And 15degC. Doesn’t get much better than this πŸ™‚

First stop was Corbridge Roman City.
After Reiveulx Abbey I was expecting to see honest to goodness examples of Roman engineering. However, the Roman stone work, was just as shoddy. How do I know? the ground is corrugated, and the stone walls follow the contours exactly. According to the signage, the town and fort were rebuilt several times. Old ditches caused the ground to sink.
Whilst shaking my head at this marvel of poor engineering. I had aβ€Ž cup of tea.Β 
Then walked around the museum.
And rode onto the next example of Roman superiority.

Second stop was Chester’s Roman Fort and Museum Β  Β  Β  Β 
First time I see a part of Hadrian’s Wall, and it is buried. Fencing and a bit of excavation were all that was needed to highlight the find.
Brickwork no better.

Now on the B6318, famous for it’s views and known as the Military Road.

Third stop clearly visible, was Housesteads Roman Fort . Disappeared as one arrived at the car-park. Found out why after obtaining my ticket. Small forest and big valley in the way. Strenuous walk up the steep hill. Windy, but great views…….

Once down the hill, I decide to book a place.Β 
The weather has been OUTSTANDING for spring in the North-East πŸ™‚ Sunshine. Blue skies. Awesome. A bit of wind, but hey, this isn’t Spain! So I have been off the bike, walking, bowls of soup and cups of tea. Should have been done by now, but, the weather is too nice. Am so happy to see the sun and blue skies “up norf”, that I am almost forgetting Hadrian’s Wall. And am way behind schedule.

Rode on toβ€Ž Vindolanda. Took a look at the walk. Another valley. Hmmm.
Rode on.

Outstanding views as I ran along a narrow hillside road to my B&B.
TomTom then tried to get me back to Vindolanda. Leastways, that is my best guess. I had told it to take me to the B&B, but TomTom was messing with me. Took me along for a few k’s, then wanted me to do a u-turn. Weird or what.
Reprogrammed the TomTom and ran on.

Arrived in Haltwhistle. The centre of Britain, so they proclain.
Had to call the B&B. Not visible. I had ridden by them twice. Obtained good instructions. Ended up with a primo parking spot, near the front door.
Elegant Edwardian style building, with an addition. Super front garden.
And if you are interested, the place is for sale. Owners looking to retire.

Went for a curry. But decided to do a walk first. Which turned out to be a pub crawl πŸ™‚ Starting at the railway station…..

Only half pints. But what a variety of venues. All different. All fun.

Finally back for a curry…..

that IMHO was better than last night’s.
And more fun. Young parents were out celebrating their first night out. Having way more fun than I remember. But they did not have to watch a weird movie with Jeremy Irons. hahahah

And so to bed.