Another glorious Friday in paradise. I kid you not. Blue skies and brief wisps of white clouds.

Full English breakfast 🙂

Then out on the road heading south. Zoom. Zoom. The Lake District came and went. I barely remember Liverpool. And then it came time to fill up. 200km done. A bit less left to go.
TLC for the bike.
Green tea for me. 
And updates to the blog. I had been remiss these past two days. Though my notes were up-to-date.

Back on the road‎ and the traffic is beginning to build. Though not as much as traffic heading north. Huge traffic jam.
And seemed to be lots of bikes heading north. 

Ran on till the Derby services. 
Ate a pasty. 
Found a place to stay. 
Rode on. 

In Barrow stopped by the old house. Work is underway……

Nice view over the river and meadows now the garage and stables are gone.

Then into Loughborough. And the hotel. 
Booked in.

Took a stroll. The old town is still recognisable. And ‘The Organ Grinder‘ is a welcome addition. 

Back at the hotel I had supper, and an excellent chat with “Trucker Tim” and his wife. 

Then catch the end of an old movie. 
And sleep. 
Need my energy for tomorrow’s game 🙂

biker says:

The things you leave out of a post. How could I forget Pipeline Paul?!?! NB: Have to add the Pipeline handle as already have a Paul in the family.

We met at Derby services. Paul’s been all over the world working on pipelines. Even riding his bike well into the Middle East, to one of his work locations.

Was a great chat.

He’s doing Route 66 with his wife as the next big trip 🙂