Up on Saturday.
Update this blog.
Pack in the light rain.
Ride over to Leicester trying to use the old roads as much as possible. Trips down memory lanes.

At Paul’s, I unpack and we head over to his father’s. Pick him up and have lunch. Then back to his father’s, call a cab, and get to the game…..

The result was 3-0 to Leicester :):):)
So we are in the English Premier League next season!
Tough on Watford. Who at times played really well.

First or last is the rule when dealing with crowds. So we went for coffee whilst waiting for the crowd to disperse. Then cab to Paul’s father’s place, and drive home.

We did some research, and went to Nawaaz for a curry. Our advice: don’t bother.
TripAdvisor gave it 5/5 – hmmmmm.Β 
Onion bhaji was tasteless.
Puri was tough.
Chapati OK
Pilau rice with vegetables was OK
Raita was Greek yogurt with some cucumber on top.
Tandoori chicken was tender, but tasted as if marinated just before being roasted.
Bhindi Bhaji tasted as if frozen bhindi had been stir-fried with some bhaji.
Aloo Gobi tasted fresh and stir-fried with some bhaji. Best part of the meal.

Back home for a drink and a chat into the wee hours.

Sunday morning up and do laundry. Hung everything out to dry on this sunny and windy day.

Then we did the tourist thing.
Paul took me to the medieval Guildhall, the cathedral to see King Richard III, and then we had afternoon tea at Mrs Bridges. Very nice.

A walk through the lanes and past the parking garage to find Leicester castle. Still looking πŸ™‚ There is just a bit of a hill, and some gardens. Plus a couple of gate-houses.

The Leicester museum was enjoyable. Quite the eclectic display. Including two canons from Sevastopol.Β 
A couple found their way to every important city. Which included Leicester.
Now if only Crimea could become part of Ukraine again!

And how much to visit museums in Leicester?
All free. Β Yes! Like the good old days πŸ™‚

Back home, Paul managed to hit my bike whilst reversing!
Shades of Ola driving πŸ™‚

After I recovered from the shock we ordered a Chinese supper.

Then an early night.
Paul is up before 6am on a workday morning.

So here I am on a Monday morning. Grey skies. Heading south-west to where the nicer weather is.

Parts of Leicester are still the same. And as Paul found out, other parts are brand new!

Remember to be a tourist in your neighborhood, every once in a while πŸ™‚