Headed out after a full English.Β 
A grey day, around 10degC.Β 
Taking the back roads.

Just overtook some cars, pulled back into my lane and ka-pow!
Barely had time to register what was happening, as the pheasant flew into my windshield.Β 
Found a safe place to slow down and then a place to turn around. Rode back and found the offending bird…..

This is the stretch of the road where it happened. the bird is in the grass by the road. The bike further back.
Did not find my Laminar Lip πŸ™Β 
Well, there were some bits. Picked up a piece, and it fell apart in my hands.
Still, better the Lip than me πŸ™‚

Carried on for a bit till I found a place for a cup of tea.
Took this photo….

See the four dark dots on the windsheild? Those are the velcro patches used to secure the Laminar Lip. Which is not there!
Did you notice the feather by the RHS of the rear seat?

Then ran south, with traffic that was moving well.
Found a place just outside Andover for a bowl of soup. Pub is called The Magic Roundabout πŸ™‚

Ran on past Stonehenge, then found Gillingham, and still early afternoon. Found the factory.
Place looked shut but was open. Found a pair of gloves. All leather, a bit thin, but they fit! Bought two pairs.
Put one pair on and rode away. Β  OK!

Rode onto the pub that I had booked.
Sunshine. Blue skies. 15degC. And a pair of gloves that fit πŸ™‚

Pub quickly hove into view.
A nice parking spot by the door.
Nice Β en-suite room.
WiFi works.
And my taxes have all been confirmed as completed. Nothing left to do for 2016, except wait 3 days and confirm my refund is in my bank πŸ™‚

Had supper…..

Nice way to end the day πŸ™‚

G’nite All