Monday morning route selected without motorways. Only 5mins longer and 4 miles shorter.
Rode out towards Bletchley.

Somewhere I saw a sign to a Canal Museum. How could I not go! VERY happy memories of a two week trip on a barge. 
The museum was a LONG way from the A5. Three villages away. but arrived there in the end.
Interesting list of names of key engineers. With Telford being way down the list.
Had a bacon buttie and a cup of tea.
Took a ride on a barge to the longest 2-lane tunnel in Britain.
Told I should go to Brum and enter the D‎udley tunnel. Supposed to be awesome, with a whole underground world running off it. Which was a coincidence as this morning I was listening to a Beeb program about the underworld of Paris.

Easy run to the pub I had booked into.
Dodgy parking area. Gravel strewn over a hard, pitted surface.

Unpacked and rode off to Bletchley Park.

Apparently the movie did the place a lot of good. However, I saw none of that! hahaha
Really am more a geek, so went to see Colossus, again. Had been here in 2013. Nice presentation. Awesome to hear about the amount of thinking done. 
On the way out asked about their‎ random number generator. Was nothing to do with World War II, but a proof of concept for ERNIE (premium bond selector). Amazing. If this is for real, then it can properly secure any message. One flaw, only get a character a second. 

Back to the pub.
TLC then cover up the bike. 
Sample the local beers….

Supper started with a ‘Tall, Dark. and Handsome’. I kid you not……

Followed by a nice steak pie…..

And an early night 🙂

June says:

Enigma: a lot of the exterior shots were not of Bletchley Park itself, but of Lovat Hall in Newport Pagnell. (Just up the road, or across the M1 from MK !) Even Mick Jagger turned up, but I missed that!

June says:

Also, (nice connection) the Rolling Stones did a concert at Wilton Hall, next door to Bletchley Park, in the early ’60’s. !

biker says:

Thanks for the updates 🙂