So up to another glorious day in Devon. Leastways I think that is where I was. Green fields. Middle of nowhere 🙂

Ran along backroads.
Oil tanker held me up. But who cares! Driver suggested I go around the truck, but the ground looked dodgy, and I was safely parked by a rose covered cottage, looking over a valley. It’s nice being a tourist 🙂

Moving on led me to all sorts of ridge roads. With sunshine and 15degC weather. Views to the left. Views to the right. Awesome!

Arrived in my first destination, Colyton. Took psychic navigation to find Liz. Owner and designer at Devon Leather. All I need to do is make a pattern and she can sew it up 🙂
By the way. In the same complex they tan leather using oak bark. Old fashioned way. Renders the leather waterproof.

Rode on towards Sidmouth, but was led astray by a castle. More of a hill fort. But the bluebells stole the show…..

There were more nearby, down a bridle path, but none of the photos did it justice. But then again, neither did the one one above. 

Rode on to the hotel.
TLC for the bike. 
Then out for a stroll.

Found some really nice people selling purses.
A nice lady from Massachuset selling healthy drinks, tea, cake, etc…..

Then a walkabout to the cinema, but closed. Luckily the pub over the road was open 🙂
Got directions to the theatre.
Got a ticket…..

Almost an hour before the show starts. What to do? hahahahaha
Nice show. Realised that I had seen the movie. But still, nothing beats live theatre. And the band were good 🙂

Walked back to my hotel.
They close @ 11pm even for residents! You leave the county for 30yrs and it goes to rack and ruin 😉

Still, Sidmouth is nice enough that I am staying another day.