Awoke feeling happy about my decision to stay an extra day. However did have to move rooms.

Downstairs I checked the procedure for changing rooms.
Had breakfast……

Eggs Bene followed an excellent pain aux raisin, and slice of toast and marmalade 🙂

Went back to my room and packed.
Moved rooms.
Went out for a stroll.

Got a haircut and trim.
Do I have a beard or a moustache? Feel free to comment/vote. Polls will be open for 3 weeks 🙂

Ended up getting another Reviver slushi from the nice Yankee, but without the vodka;)
A meat and mushroom pie, from the butchers across the street. Not up to Cumbrae’s standard, but outstanding value for $2.50  🙂

Went shopping for a bag, at a recommended store. Nothing there.
But, the Outdoor Store was close. And the National Trust shop closer still.

Did some planning for the next Paris trip.
Including asking at a local travel agent.

Then out for a fish pie…..

Imagine a shepard’s pie using fish instead of lamb 🙂
Did you see it in the picture? Along with the cup of tea?
One of the kind ladies came out to warm me about the seagulls. Shades of Hitchcock. They will swoop in and steal the food. Ha! I had to survive school dinners! No-one gets between me and my food!

Took a stroll to the big hill at the west end of the town. Climbed Jacobs Ladder and walked through the gardens. Outstanding series of outdoor rooms, with all sorts of nooks and crannies.

Walked back to the East end to take a proper look at the river Sid. It did after all give it’s name to this town.
Over the scaffolded bridge, towards the red cliffs.
Talking of which, the town’s notice boards state that the red cliffs are due to this area being a desert, a long, long time ago. The iron in the soil rusts, giving the red colour. Hmmmmm. Not sure how you get rusting in the desert. 
One thing that is evident, is that the red gets into the water. So while the English Channel looks the regular blue/green further out, The waters by the shore are red. 
But not much if any gets into the Sid. There is a natural dam with the shingles on the beach, and a short way upstream, a weir.
And again, a well laid out green space along the west bank of the Sid.

Back to the hotel.
Log into and catch up on my hotel reviews. Took a while. All the way back to Troyes in April.

Then down for what I thought would be a light supper…..

By the way, those are scallops in tempura batter. But this was supposed to be an appetiser with new potato. Did not expext so much of everything!

Now I need to lie down.

G’nite All.

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