Friday morning turned out to be full of Scottish mist.
TLC for the bike.ย 
Heartily glad the bike has a cover. Lots of seagulls in Sidmouth. And other birds everywhere else. One filthy cover, but one clean bike. Is this the effect of Springtime?

Visited two gun stores in Exeter. Looking for a cartridge bag. Nice pieces. From canvas to full leather. But too big for my man-purse.

Had an espresso with an apple-donut.
Rode on.
Weather had intermittent drizzle.
Traffic at times VERY slow. Luckily there is a motorcycle lane. Looks remarkable similar to the white line ๐Ÿ™‚

Arrived at the Royal Signals Museum.
Quite the interesting stuff.ย 
Best part was the NAAFI, where the chat was as good as the tea.
Second best part was the stick of rock in Royal Signals colours (two shades of blue and one in green). hahahaha.
Now I should be able to find Leicester City rock ๐Ÿ™‚

Got over to my next stopping point. A nearby pub. Am looking to a two night layover.
Jimmy the barman was full of vim&vinegar, then became silly. SusieQ sorted things out.

Tried the beers. Boo! Hoo! Sparklers are here ๐Ÿ™ Ended up with a Snakebite.
Then asked about supper.ย 

T-bone steak on the menu. Despite Barry’s warnings (don’t do it in England), I ordered the steak. โ€Ž My negative review of the Anvil Inn, is visible on Google. would not let me adjust my reservation, so ended up cancelling my ย reservation.
Then I had to find another place for tomorrow.

And so, sans supper to bed.

Saturday morning I was up early.
Found Jimmy outside in his big Mercedes. Was waiting for the pub to open so his cleaning lady could get to work.
A cleaning pimp!
ย  ย 
Prep’d the bike.
Paid my bill.

Had a nice chat with a gentleman from London. Originally from Portugal.

And without breakfast, I rode of to my next stop.
NOTE: My safety rule is that when you return something to the kitchen, you NEVER order anything again from that kitchen