Decided to ride to Swanage and see if I could find Chris the BikeMonger. Found his shop, but closed. Opens after 10am.
Riding around a surprisingly hilly Swanage, I realised that I was more tired than I thought I was. 
So breakfast. Which meant I missed the rain 🙂
Ferry to Bournemouth.
Rode to my next hotel, the Cliff House

Entered early, but my room was ready.
Asked for and got a pot of tea. Sat in their nice garden.
Then unpacked.

Big difference to yesterday.
Friendly and helpful staff.
Much better room.
And a nicer atmosphere.

Had some paperwork to catch up on. Hence booking the last place for two nights. But the day was nice so walked over to Christchurch.

Nice ruins.
Cup of tea……

Then to the church that gave Christchurch it’s name.
The seating in the church was setup around tables. After pondering the questions of why as I walked around, I asked. Turns out they were not practising mass in a new format. Just gearing up for a bingo evening 🙂

Walked back to the hotel via the Wick Ferry. Nice little boat and a nicer captain. 

Back at the hotel.
Dress for supper…..

Birthday party in progress, so I sat around the corner. Joined by Derek, who was attending the party, but hey, bikers together. Outstanding conversation, covering everything from motorcycles to the Romans.

Sunday morning was a nice ride into the New Forest and pickup some cider in Burley.

Then onto Barry’s.
Arrived just in time. Big rain as I unpacked.

Must give Barry 5-stars!
Roast pork and crackling.
Coffee in the mornings :)‎

Richard says:

I want to come and stay with Barry. Especially with his cooking.

biker says:


do it!!!!!!!

ps:this is the topic for my next post 🙂