Thursday morning I packed and rode to Weymouth.
Lesson learned, I booked somewhere for the whole of the Bank Holiday (long) weekend.

Pleasant enough day, with sunshine and 25degC 🙂 Warm enough to remove my jacket liner.

Trip was hard. Distances are short in the UK. But travelling is hard work. Lots of traffic in Dorset. Had to use the biker’s lane, lots.

Found the guest house readily enough. Parking was another matter. But used some biker initiative and took a bonus spot visible from my bedroom window.

After un-packing, two chores.
Updated my mobile plan. Ran out at midnight. But now on june 25th.
Took some cash. TD had locked my account. Yesterday’s call had promised that I could access my money, but…. all was as promised.

The rest of the day was spent sampling ciders and pubs 😉

Friday morning was a walkabout, nature park for ducks, and a curry.

Then I found a pair of handlebar muffs, and after only two hours, attached them to my bike. They promise to be a better fit than the old pair.

Walked over to Brian&Andrea’s place. They took me for a nice Italian meal.

There were vegetables to go with the excellent pork belly, sauce and mash 🙂
Brian&Andrea cab’d it home, whilst I took a leisurely stroll home along the seafront.

Saturday morning, after an excellent breakfast, more walkabout to check some items.

Then on the bike and test out the new handlebar muffs.

Nice trip to Portland bill. Windy. Really windy. But nice.
Saw the castle, the museum and the lighthouse. For those keen on walking, a coastal path is also available

Back and park the bike outside the shop. Handlebar muffs work well.
Maybe they have a windshield 🙂
And I will check ref delivery dates on Tuesday.

Meantime park the bike.
Going out for fish n chips.
Then find somewhere for supper, after the FA cup final.