Saturday ended with another excellent time with Brian&Andrea. All had a steak pie supper, with G&T to start, red wine with, and coffee to finish. Calling it quits after the second round of cognac 😉

Sunday morning was another excellent breakfast.

Then time to get to work.

That lasted till 2:30pm, when I realised that it was time to take a break from the computer.
All I wanted was a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea.
First place had stopped serving sandwiches. Not making even one more. Serving only cakes and scones.
Second place was closing. Not interested in making another sale.
This is at 3pm with a street festival happening 30yds away.
Welcome to England!
Fawlty Towers was not joking!
Found a chippy that did a nice cheese, potato and onion fritter. So placed that into a bun.
Later I found a cup of tea, at a place that would have provided the cheese sandwich.

Back and feverishly get back to work. Had two and a half hours till supper. Booked my place whilst looking for a cheese sandwich.
Excellent mussels……

Salty and poorly presented rissotto….

And only two glasses of wine. It’s safer going to supper without Brian&Andrea 🙂

Nice stroll home…..

Back and wrap up my work. Am all caught up on my paperwork. Some dated back to December last year 🙁

And so, contentedly, I fell asleep.

Monday morning was another excellent breakfast.
Yesterday’s rain appears to have stopped, though a deep mist was settling in.

Checked the bike.
Armoured up.
Whilst getting ready for the bike, was very politely asked not to park there any more. Boo Hoo. Still, had four nights of excellent free parking, and I am heading out tomorrow.

An easy run got me to Bovington Tank Museum.
Ivor ( a friend from WAY back) was helping with the Steel Wheels event. Was nice chatting and finding out more about the French Ski Instructor’s story as told by Brian 😉

Spent 4hrs at the museum. Could have spent much more.
Even bikes were there….

Met John the Baptist over lunch.
Said farewell to Ivor.
Met Alex the Romanian as I was leaving.

Then back home for calls and supper….

As the title states, it was an easy day, going to Bovington.
Even the one traffic jam was easily bypassed thanks to the motorcycle lane.
And the rain had not been a problem.
No bovver.

G’nite All